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Title: 1919P2 The Circle of the Lustful
Description: 1919P2
The Circle of the Lustful, 1824-27
William Blake
* This is the most celebrated of William Blake's illustrations to Dante's 'Divine Comedy' commissioned by John Linnell. Blake followed Dante's narrative, but his interpretation of the story is original. This scene illustrates the scene in the Inferno, the journey through Hell, when Dante and Virgil meet the adulterous lovers Francesca da Rimini and Paolo.
Birmingham Museums Trust/Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
The Divine Comedy
Usage Rights: Creative Commons 0 - Public Domain. Optional attribution: Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust, licensed under CC0
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Credit Line: Presented by the Trustees of the Public Picture Gallery Fund, with assistance from the National Art Collections Fund and the John Feeney Charitable Trust, 1919.