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Title: 1965T5382 Tunbridgeware Tea Caddy
Description: 1965T5382
Tunbridgeware Tea Caddy, 1830-40
Pinto Collection - Purchased from Edward H Pinto, 1965.
Made in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England UK
This Tunbridgeware tea caddy was made around 1830-1840 in Tunbridge Wells. The centre panel is decorated with parquetry or perspective cube work, a type of decoration which was popular throughout the nineteenth century. A craftsman often used over forty different woods to make a single object. This tea caddy is faced with a veneer of rosewood and makes use of exotic timbers like Partridgewood and Palmyra to achieve the broken lines and stippling effects.
19th Century
Birmingham Museums Trust/Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Pinto Collection
Social history
Food and Drink
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