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Title: 1965T4625 Games Box
Description: 1965T4625
Games Box, 1600-1700
Eger Work made by Johann Karl Haberstumpf and Adam Eck
Pinto Collection - Purchased from Edward H Pinto, 1965.
The town of Eger in Bohemia (southern Germany) was the centre of a specialised type of woodworking in the 17th century. Here, craftsmen created detailed pictures, using layers of carefully selected woods which were glued on to a background and then carved to make a relief marquetry panel. It was known as Egerwork. This highly artistic and painstaking work was mainly used to decorate altar fronts, luxury cabinets and gamesboards. Egerwork panels are usually highly detailed and the battle scene on the cover of this board is typical. In contrast, the backgammon board has been made by laying strips of veneer into a base panel to produce a flush surface. This is known as inlaid marquetry.
Birmingham Museums Trust/Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Pinto Collection
17th Century
Board game
Social history
Recreation & Leisure
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