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Title: 2003.0536 Woman's Dress (Thob)
Description: 2003.0536
Woman's Dress (Thob), 1800-1900
Palestine, Ramallah
Full length woman's dress made of unbleached cotton embroidered in coloured silks. Pointed triangular hanging sleeves. Small round neck slit to about waist level, edged with quilted cotton and outlined in two rows of black backstitch with a white row inbetween. The slit is bound and faced with pink cotton. Two neck ties are of twisted cotton thread with multi-coloured tassels. Seam across the sleeve and the seam to its sloping side have filling of yellow embroidery in yellow with geometric patterns in crimson, pale blue, pink, orange, black, brown, purple. The sleeves have embroidered borders along the edge and along the seam using above colours. The border edging the lower sleeve is different to edging of upper part. All mainly in fine cross-stitch an employ geometric and plant forms. At front of robe is a wide area of elaborate embroidery, straight sided to hip level, the slopes to a point beneath neck slit. Worked in elaborate vertical strip patterns, again using geometric and plant forms in a wide variety of brilliant glowing colours. Main stitches used are fine cross stitch, half cross stitch, satin stitch. Either side of embroidered panel is a seam worked with an insertion in needle lace stitches.

Presented, 2003. Wilfred Southall Collection.
Applied Arts
Birmingham Museums Trust/Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Usage Rights: Creative Commons 0 - Public Domain. Optional attribution: Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust, licensed under CC0
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Credit Line: Presented, 2003. Wilfred Southall Collection.