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Title: R1197_Merged Tracks 5-9_Avtar Singh Jouhl
Description: This is an oral history interview with Avtar Singh Jouhl, recorded between October 1991 - February 1992, as part of the Birmingham Black Oral History Project (BBOHP), discussing his life in India and the UK.
Avtar lived in Punjab, India until 1958 when he left college and travelled to England hoping to continue his studies. He worked in foundries in Birmingham and joined the Indian Workers Association after experiencing inequalities in the workplace. He talks about his upbringing in rural Punjab, India, his involvement with Trade Unions and politics and his work and family life in Birmingham.
These recordings include racially explicit content, including discussions of racism, prejudice and violence; and language and phrasing that we would not use today. Some of this content might be unsuitable for younger listeners or triggering for People of Colour.
We recommend reading the description for each track before choosing to listen.

Track 05 The Future for Minority Groups
Avtar discusses events of the past and how the future could take shape 25-50 years from 1992

Track 06 Political Changes/ Greatest Achievement
Avtar talks about how world politics was changing (in 1992) and his greatest work achievements

Track 07 Greatest Achievement (Continued)/ Regrets
Avtar talks about his greatest work achievements and some of his regrets

Track 08 Enjoyment of Work / Frightening Situations
Avtar talks about how his fulfilling his work life has been, the things that frighten him and his hopes for the future.

Track 09 Last Recording, Thank You Doreen
Avtar uses the last recording session to thank Interviewer Doreen Price

*Tracks 01-04 R1197 are embargoed for permissions and copyright reasons

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Credit Line: Presented by Birmingham Black Oral History Project
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