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Title: 1890M71 Part of a Temple Hanging depicting Krishna
Description: 1890M71
Part of a Temple Hanging depicting Krishna, Late 19th Century
* Design represents the Hindu god Krishna vanquishing the serpent demon Kaliya. Krishna is a crowned blue figure wearing jewellery and a sarong.
This fragment from a temple hanging is one of a large group of South Asian printed and painted cotton textiles collected in the late nineteenth century by Sir Caspar Purdon Clarke. It would have been hung in a temple to tell the stories of the gods. 'Madras' in this context probably means 'Madras Presidency' as these come from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Based on the colours, this piece could be from Kalahasti, just north of Madras, today in Andhra Pradesh. The colours used are from natural sources, although synthetic dyes had been introduced to Madras by this period.
Birmingham Museums Trust/Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Usage Rights: Creative Commons 0 - Public Domain. Optional attribution: Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust, licensed under CC0
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Credit Line: Purchased with the assistance of the Art Gallery Purchase Fund, 1890.