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Title: R0362b Oral History - Annie Florence Hackett - Bournville
Description: This is an oral history interview with Annie Florence Hackett. Mrs Hackett was interviewed in 1984 as part of Bournville oral history project.

Annie Florence Hackett and her family moved to Maryvale Road, Bournville when she was 7 as her Mother was not satisfied with the working conditions in Smethwick. She started Bournville Juniors School upon its opening and left aged 14 as her Mother needed the money. She worked in wrapping at Cadbury Bros, before being promoted to packing fancy chocolate boxes. The First World War reduced production so she was moved to working with cocoa which was too messy. She left and found a job in a confectioner's shop at Stirchley Cooperative Society. She married aged 24 but kept working as her husband didn't have a very good job. She recalls school lessons in drawing, cooking, and housewifery. She attended Sunday School at the Friends Meeting House in Stirchley.

Oral history number: R0362b
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