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Title: R0362a Oral History - Joy Atkins - Bournville
Description: This is an oral history interview with Joy Atkins. Mrs Atkins was interviewed in 1984 as part of Bournville oral history project.

Joy Atkins discusses her earliest encounters with Bournville. Firstly, the visit of King George V and Queen Mary in 1919; then, to see the play Iolanthe, as a teenager. She then began work in Bournville at the TAS (Transport, Advertising and Sales) type office (we think this may have been a department in Cadbury Bros Ltd), she describes how she disliked the office and how she left 5 years later to get married. She later became secretary for the Bournville Infants School and discusses the various headmistresses preceding and during her time of 1948-1974 (Miss Pumphrey, Miss Greenway, Miss Pace, Miss Andrews), including fond memories of Miss Pace’s leaving party. She then shares some anecdotes of the school children.

Oral history number: R0362a
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