Birmingham Black Oral History Project

The Birmingham Black Oral History Project (BBOHP) was founded in Handsworth in 1990.  The project aimed to ‘collect, preserve and disseminate the spoken history of Birmingham’s black population’.  The collection includes oral history interviews with 21 people conducted between 1990 and 1992, who originated from the Caribbean, South Asia and covered a range of themes including first impressions, religious experiences, education, experiences of racism, identity, as well as their thoughts on the future.  In 1999 the BBOHP deposited jointly the collection with Birmingham Museums Trust and University of Birmingham, Cadbury Research Library (Reference: GB 0151 DA06).

These recordings include racially explicit content, including discussions of racism, prejudice and violence; racially explicit language; and language and phrasing that we would not use today. Some of this content might be unsuitable for younger listeners or triggering for People of Colour.

We recommend reading the description for each track before choosing to listen.

Please note:

  • Our Audio Files are released on a CC BY-NC 3.0 license
  • They can be downloaded for non-commercial use only
  • Attribution is required