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1965T2489 Pyrography Picture Panel - Asiastic Battle Scene

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Title: 1965T2489 Pyrography Picture Panel - Asiastic Battle Scene
Description: 1965T2489
Pyrography Picture Panel - Asiastic Battle Scene, 1800-1850
Pinto Collection - Purchased from Edward H Pinto, 1965.
Made in Belgium by Count Walery de Rottermund
After lithograph by Alexander Orlowski (1777-1832)
This pyrographic panel is from a lithograph by the Polish artist, Alexander Orlowski (1777-1832). Count de Rottermund was a Polish émigré who settled in Belgium following the Polish insurrection of 1830. He made pyrographic panels from a number of Orlowski's engravings. There are four in the Pinto collection. Pale, fine grained woods which give a plain surface, like sycamore or holly, were usually preferred for pyrography work. De Rottermund's panels are unusual as they are executed on figured wood which he used to help create a sense of movement in his work.
19th Century
Social history
Birmingham Museums Trust/Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Pinto Collection
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