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    • ID: 17358
    • 1900P177 The Song of Solomon - 'The Watchman that went about the City'
    • ID: 4371
    • 1959P11 The Long Engagement - Compositional Sketch and Sketch of Clasped Hands / Study of a reclining Woman
    • ID: 15261
    • 1986P113 An Old Cornish Woman
    • ID: 14987
    • 1906P690 Oure Ladye of Saturday Night - Studies for Right Foot and Left Hand of the Child on the Knees of the Madonna
    • ID: 14981
    • 1906P685 Oure Ladye of Saturday Night
    • ID: 13383
    • 1905P17 The Spirit of Justice - Study of the uplifted left Arm of the Figure of Justice
    • ID: 10241
    • 1904P344 Dante's Dream at the Time of the Death of Beatrice
    • ID: 11171
    • 1927P479 Three Studies for Left Hand of Iseult
    • ID: 6934
    • 1906P854 St George for Merrie England - Study of left Hand grasping a Bar